Green Brick Property – Formed in 2018 we operate predominately in Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester.

With our own diverse portfolio that covers, Student & Professional HMO, commercial to residential conversions, Serviced Accommodation and development we are experienced in many areas of property sourcing and refurbishment.

Sabina Thorpe

You have heard the term before ‘Property is a people business’ so you need someone who is respected and liked by all and we have that with Sabina.

Our unforgettable networker makes sure she is remembered everywhere and lets everyone know that when the time is right to either sell or invest then GBP are the people to speak to.

With her 2 little ones as her reason WHY, there is nothing that will stop her determination, therefore she is a fantastic person to work with.

Sabina grew up around property so decided to step away from it for a while.  She worked for Shell turning around and rectifying a 100 million pound problem and then set up her own business, which she sold in 2014.  She then knew it was time for property again.

Sabina is now at the heart of the business building relationships and asking those questions that some people don’t ask however ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get’.   Sabina is constantly learning and developing her skills, increasing her understanding of property and the most current investment strategies.

Phil Thorpe

Phil is the business brain to Green Brick Property.  Property is an extremely lucrative business and can be extremely enjoyable and fun, although sometimes the enjoyment of a development can affect the lucrative side!  Not with Phil around!  His attention to the finances and processes of a project means that every element of a project is examined to make sure its as successful as possible.

Phil built and sold his previous business for in excess of a million pound and currently owns and runs a multi million pound Turnover Company.  He brings this success to GBP and injects it into each project.

His I.T degree in software engineering means that GBP are not just super efficient on site, everything behind the scenes is too!  You wont find Phil at many networking events however if you are an investor who likes to have complete control and understand every element of a project then Phil is your man!

Phil is a father of 2 and partner to Sabina. Luckily being so systematised and efficient means he has the time to spend with his family and also the time to watch his beloved Manchester United.